ARCbot's (xat bots) Terms of Service

Terms and Service Agreement:
1. The Xat Terms of Service (ToS) is to be observed.
	-You are obliged to agree to these when using your bot on xat.
2. Do not make illegal or unauthorized attempts to access or exploit our websites, servers, or bots.
	-Changing of html content to cause abuse or gain access.
	-DDoS/DoS attacks.
	-SQLi Injections.
3. Do not abuse our bots and xat bots.
	-Using the same command over and over again.
	-Teaching the bot to ban, kick, or answer to things not relevant to its intended purpose.
	-Letting other users use the bot to abuse them. [Ban or remove access to such users].
4. Do not steal or copy our content and copyrighted content.
	-Copying or using our images.
	-Stealing text or website code.
5. Spamming or providing advertisements through our website or services.
	-Providing links to unauthorized locations.
	-Spamming the contact form or help room.
	-Using this service to promote other bot services.
6. We do not provide refunds.
	-Please check your bot works by using your free trial before you pay.
	-Xat bans your bot, this is not our fault.
	-You buy a bot from another service.
	-You do not decide to use the time at all after paying. (You can leave it in your account time to 
use it later). -Refunds may occur for special reasons, but it is up to us (Owners) to decide the final decision on
whether to refund. -If you are having issues, get help from our support staff. Refunds is never the first answer to any problem/issue. -ATTENTION paypal buyers, there is a 3 day refund period avaiable *If approved. If you are unhappy with your service, you may contact us through our contact page within 5 days of payment to request a possible refund. 7. When you buy time you must have permission for the amount you paid for. -Using a Paypal account not associated to yourself, in which an un-authorized payment/refund can occur. -The above will not have us held responsible if you do so, and we will take actions with evidence, to fight
against the disputes. 8. Unauthorized refunds will put your account on hold (suspension), ban, or even permanent ban. 9. Your account can be frozen/banned for unauthorized use at any time without notice. -Suspicious activity. -Sharing accounts. -Hacking. -Leaked accounts. -Re-selling bots/accounts. --Excluded from this are bots that are won from events with Unlimited Bot Time. -Promoting illegal content using the bot or service. 10. Provide your real email during registrations. -It is required to be used for password resets. -Failure to provide a real email, will not hold us responsible for recovering your account. -Emails also are used for contacting/using information on behalf of your account. 11. Do not give out your passwords under any circumstance. -Our staff are prohibited from asking or requesting for such passwords. -Alternatives staff should use to help you setup your control panel, is using the "C.Panel Access" permission page. 12. Be responsible with your own security measures. -This includes protecting your ARCbot, and or xat account from being hacked. -If your account is compromised we can not be held liable for what happened to the account. 13. We can not be held liable for any misuse coming from your registered account or bot -Bot promotes hacks, and legal actions are taken. They will be redirected towards the account holder. 14. We will by our discretion maintain a list of bad acting xat users. This may include people who do scam or abuse. -By using our bots you hereby grant us the ability to automatically ban these users from your chat and prevent their rank. -You will have the option to opt out of this feature by disabling it in the Bot Settings page Advanced Tab. 15. By using our service, you consent to processing any data you've provided. Disclaimer: 1. Our services and bots are provided "As-Is." -No warranties or guarantees are provided. -Depending on the severity of the problems, we may provide compensation bot time. -Maintenances and Technical difficulties are examples of possible down times. 2. Service can be revoked at anytime without notice, provided our terms have been broken. Limitations: 1. We are not responsible for downtimes of external content. -Xat services fail, or any other content which require activity between ARCbots and other servers. Privacy Policy: 1. We protect personal information through reasonable security safeguards. -Should security questions arise, contact us. We will investigate on the issues.