1. Acceptance of Terms

1.1 Agreement to Terms
By accessing and utilizing our website, you explicitly acknowledge your understanding, acceptance, and full agreement with the stipulations laid out in these comprehensive Terms of Use ("Terms"). The terms "ARCbots," "we," "us," or "our" signify Gigaion, LLC, a business entity trading under the brand name ARCbots, and its encompassing services.

2. Service Usage

2.1 Eligibility and Proper Conduct

2.1.a Consent for Minors
If you are below the age of 18, engaging with our service necessitates obtaining explicit consent from your legal guardian or parent.

2.1.b Prohibition of Unlawful Activities
Utilizing our system for any form of illegal conduct, including but not limited to manifestations of racism, gender-based offenses, ethnic transgressions, personal attacks, abusiveness, vulgarity, or the promotion of illicit content, is strictly prohibited.

2.1.c Accuracy in Registration During registration, the provision of accurate, truthful information is imperative and mandatory.

2.1.d Safeguarding Confidentiality
The imperative of preserving the confidentiality of your account credentials is paramount. It is unequivocally reaffirmed that our personnel will never solicit or require the divulgence of your password under any circumstances.

2.1.d.i Cookies and Tracking
Our services employ cookies and other tracking measures to enhance user experience. By engaging with our website, you signify your acceptance of the usage of cookies in conjunction with our services and website.

2.1.e Management of Problematic Users
Within the ambit of the xat platform, we undertake the curation of a roster cataloging users exhibiting behaviors of a malicious nature. This record may encompass instances of fraudulent activity or the manifestation of abusive conduct. This endeavor finds its basis within the parameters delineated by GDPR regulations, serving the pivotal objective of preempting the misuse of the platform and fostering a secure environment for all users.

2.1.e.i Authorization for User Exclusion
Via the deployment of our bots, explicit authorization is conferred, enabling the proactive prohibition of participation by such problematic users, realized through the automated imposition of bans.

2.1.e.ii Optional Disabling of Feature
An avenue for the disengagement of this feature is afforded, accessible within the "Advanced" tab on the "Bot Settings" page.

2.1.f Consent for Data Processing and Storage
By virtue of engaging with our service, you provide overt consent for the processing and retention of data accessible to our website or bots. This procedural component is indispensable for the seamless operational functionality and proficient provisioning of our chat moderation services, and aligns with the confines of applicable data protection regulations.

2.1.g Discretionary Termination of Service
We reserve the unfettered right to discontinue our service sans antecedent notification. This prerogative is exercised in strict adherence to the parameters outlined by xat.com ltd, the governing entity authorizing our status as a bot service provider. Additionally, instances of contravention of the terms delineated by ARCbots' service terms, or infractions against xat.com ltd's provisions, may warrant the cessation of service.

2.1.h Non-Liability for External Content Downtimes
Explicitly stipulated is our non-liability for downtimes attributed to external content, encompassing the services offered by xat, or disruptions to ARCbots' interactions. This category encapsulates instances wherein disruptions or interruptions impact the services proffered by xat or exert a reverberation on ARCbots' unswerving functionality, stemming from its dependence on the stability and seamless continuity of xat's services.

2.1.i Prohibition of Unauthorized Activities
Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of unauthorized activities, including but not limited to hacking, reverse engineering, or attempting to steal, manipulate, or misuse our proprietary information, software, code, or any other assets related to our service. Any such actions are in violation of these Terms of Use and may result in legal action.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1 Financial Parameters

3.1.a Assiduous Service Provision
Diligence characterizes our efforts to ensure the unwavering and seamless accessibility of our service. However, it is essential to acknowledge and embrace the fact that we bear no responsibility for financial loss, including but not limited to lost profits, revenues, data, or other economic ramifications, precipitated by outages, downtimes, disruptions, or any other technical or operational predicaments affecting our service.

3.1.b Cognizance of Service Availability
The decision to avail oneself of our service necessitates a comprehensive comprehension and acknowledgment that the continual availability thereof is contingent upon multifarious factors. This includes but is not limited to the operational state of external services and the prevailing dynamics of the network. While steadfastly committed to minimizing disruptions, we reiterate that we cannot be held accountable for any financial implications stemming from resultant interruptions.

3.1.c Acknowledgment of Personal Risk
The utilization of our service mandates a conscious acceptance of personal risk. We expressly disclaim any accountability for financial losses that might be incurred consequent to the utilization of our service. This disclaimer extends to financial transactions, business operations, and all other economic pursuits transacted through our platform.

3.1.d Claims Indemnification
Through the act of utilizing our service, you voluntarily undertake to indemnify and exonerate us from any and all claims, requisitions, losses, liabilities, costs, or disbursements, inclusive of legal fees, that may emanate from or be associated with any financial loss sustained due to the utilization of our service.

3.1.e Bots and Accounts
You are solely responsible for your actions and the security of your account, including safeguarding your login credentials.
Your account may be terminated for unauthorized account sharing including the termination of any remaining paid services.
Safeguard your confidential data and refrain from disclosing it to any third parties. We strongly recommend utilizing our "Give Friend Access" feature to facilitate secure sharing.

3.1.e Reselling of Accounts
Reselling of our services is strictly prohibited.
Accounts found to be purchased via an unauthorized reseller will be terminated without notice.

3.1.f Inactive and Trial Accounts
Accounts that remain inactive and devoid of active payments for a continuous period exceeding 120 days may be subject to deletion at our sole discretion, without prior notification.

3.1.g Payment Methods
Payments are processed using virtual credits exclusively available on xat.com (xats and days). We reserve the right to add or remove payment methods at our discretion. Additionally other methods of payments may be used on the platform through use of a third party payment processor.
In the event of discontinuing your usage of our services, the decision to refund utilized credits rests within our sole discretion.

Updated: August 13, 2023

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