ARCbots (xat bots) Terms of Service

Terms of Use
By using our website, you hereby consent to our Terms of Use and agree to its terms.
As used in these Terms of Use, "ARCbots", "us" or "we" refers to Gigaion, LLC and its brand ARCbots and its services.

1. Service usage
	a. This service is not intended for underage, if you are under 18 you need your parent's or guardian's permission to continue using this service.
	b. You can not use our system for any kind of illegality. This includes, but is not limited to: racism, gender crime, ethnic offenses, personal attacks, abusiveness, vulgarity, or promotion illegal content.
	c. You must provide a valid email during registration including unfalsified information.
	d. Do not share or give out your password under any circumstance. Our staff will not ask for your password.
	e. We will by our discretion maintain a list of bad acting xat users. This may include people who scam or abuse services.
		i. By using our bots you hereby grant us the ability to automatically ban these users from your chat and prevent their rank.
		ii. You will have the option to opt out of this feature by disabling it in the "Bot Settings" page in the "Advanced" tab.
	f. By using our service your consent and give permission to process and store any data that the website or bot sees.
	g. Service can be revoked at anytime without notice. Our service is limited by the rules of ltd and its authorization of our bot service.
	h. We are not responsible for downtimes of external content;
		i. Examples of such downtimes include but is not limited to: xat services fail, or any other content which require activity between ARCbots and other servers.
	i. Unauthorized refunds will put your account on hold (suspension), ban, or even permanent ban.
	j. Your account can be frozen or banned for unauthorized use at any time without notice;
		i. Examples but not limited to for reasons of bans and account freezes: Suspicious activity, sharing accounts, hacking, leaked accounts, reselling accounts, promoting illegal content using the bot or service.
2. Restrictions
	a. You may not disrupt use of the service;
	b. You may not attempt to exploit or make an unauthorized attempts to access any part of the service or hardware;
	c. You may not use this service to promote other xat bot providers;
	d. You may not harvest or collect any personal information;
	e. You may not use this service if you are legally not allowed;
	f. You may not modify, reverse engineer, or change any part of the service;
	g. You may not abuse our services in a not relevant to its intended purpose.
	h. You may not steal or copy our content and copyrighted content without permission.
3. We (ARCbots)
	a. We make no guarantees regarding the service.
	b. We have the right to view, edit or delete any bot at any time at our discretion.
		i. Any changes will be enforced on the 1st of each month. The date of change will be listed on this Terms of Service.
		ii. It is your responsibility to check for any changes as specified in (3.b.i) and stop using this service if you do not agree with such changes.
	c. We have the right to view, edit or delete any user at any time at our discretion.
	d. We are not responsible or liable for the misuse of our systems.
	e. We use cookies. By using our website you consent to usage of cookies on our services and website.
4. Bots and Accounts
	a. You are responsible for your actions and for the security of your account.
	b. Keep your confidential data safe and don't share it with anyone, instead we recommend that you use our "Give Friend Access" functionality.
	c. If your account is inactive and without active payment for more than 120 days we reserve the right to delete yours without prior notice.

5. Paid and Premium
	a. We offer payments in the virtual credits used on (xats and days). We have the right to delete or add new payment methods in the future.
	b. In case of withdrawal from the use of our services, it is at our discretion to refund the credits used.
Updated: January 19, 2022